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  1. Mark Jones

    It’s my pleasure to recommend this company to my friends and neighbors. I was using EcoPro Carpet Cleaning services for the last 2 years and I am extremely pleased with their work. Always on time, showing high quality of work and very polite with my family. Thanks a lot.

  2. Alex

    Your guy was great and charged exactly what was quoted. No additional fees for stain removal or odor treatment. My mattress looks amazing.

  3. Julia Jefferson

    I’ve scheduled an appointment on the web site via online chat. It was very easy and competent. I got an estimate in a minute and the cleaning was provided same day. My old loveseat was full of pet hair, stains and bad smell. They sent to me a very pleasant guy. He cleaned my loveseat as well as an armchair. I didn’t believe my eyes. I thought that I got a new loveseat. Totally clean, no pet hair, no odor. He applied some fabric refresher that smells so nice. I’m very happy.

  4. Mrs. Davis

    This is my second time using your company services. You cleaned my couch before and did such a wonderful work that I called you again to have my carpets cleaned this time. I have 3 kids and they always playing on the floor, so I need my carpets to be very cleaned and sanitized. This is exactly what I got after your cleaning guy. He arrived on time and was very polite. Thank you for doing this for me and my family.

  5. Jen

    The cleaning technician arrived on time. Very positive and polite. He moved all light furniture, worked quickly but very professional. Some spots on my carpet I thought would never come out, they did. I will definitely recommend this company to my friends.

  6. Mary Ann Lentz

    When I called the company to schedule service, the lady on the phone said they could do it the same day. It was amazing. I was so pleased with the results and the way how professional it was done. My carpet in the living room had not been cleaned in a few years and was heavily soiled with stains. The guy explained to me how the process is going on. Now my carpet looks like new, I didn’t expect that.

  7. Daniel Pitre

    It took time to do the job right, our carpets were very dirty. But now looks like new again. It was our first time dealing with so kind, honest and professional cleaning guy. Carpets were cleaned without rushing and all stains were removed. He treated only top surface of carpets so they dried very fast. We have already recommended them to our friends and neighbors.

  8. Julie Young

    I have had many carpet cleaning experiences in my life and this service has been the best one. The technician came very next day, as I requested. I was needed to clean my carpets in a bedroom and living room. All work was done with care. Now I feel like I have new carpets. All stains are gone, the color is very new and even texture feels like in the beginning. Thank you for doing this for us.

  9. Monica Lopez

    EcoPro did a really great job. I never realized how dirty my carpet was. The cleaning technician cleaned my old wool Berber carpet that was very badly stained and smelled. The guy was knowledgeable and pleasant. Now my carpet smells amazing and looks like I just bought it. Thank you very much.

  10. Cassandra Walls

    They came late for 15 min and I didn’t get any calls or texts regarding that. But they really did a great job. My daughter peed on our bed and I called Ecopro. I scheduled an appointment for the same day. That was really wow, cause normally you need to wait 2-3 days. And now I’m impressed, my mattress smells amazing and no stains at all. I will definitely use your services again.

  11. Elias Mohammad

    The cleaning guy did a fantastic job. He came on time, very punctual and had excellent customer service. Everything that I requested were perfectly done and with care. My fabric couch looks very clean, like brand new. I will definitely be using your company again as well as recommending you to my friends.

  12. Carla B

    This was my first experience to use your service, but I will definitely be calling the near future for other services. The cleaning technician came to clean our mattress. It was badly stained and dusty, because we didn’t use it for some time. I can say that now our mattress very clean, with fresh smell and almost no stains. I believe that some very-very old stains are not possible to remove. And I was informed about that. This company is professional and knowledgeable. Even the lady on the phone was extremely polite and friendly. Thank you guys.

  13. Daniel Garcia

    I got prompt and professional service. No extra charges, just what was given on the phone.

  14. Diana-Natalia Mills

    The cleaning guy was at my apartment on time, did a great job, and left everything neat and very clean. He steamed my carpets and my armchair. The price was reasonable too. I’m very happy with his work.

  15. Patricia Moore

    I got an estimate via online chat, very fast and professional. I schedule an appointment for the coming weekends. The guy came and cleaned my carpet. Now there are no stains, no bed smell and no pet hair. I can let my baby play on a carpet, because I know it’s totally safe and very clean (they didn’t use any chemicals, just eco-friendly shampoo). Thanks a lot for your service.

  16. Joana Costa

    I ordered leather sofa cleaning and got an excellent work and service. A guy manually cleaned and did the deodorizing for my standard sofa. It looks new and leather became very soft. I had a few stains and they all came out. Great job!

  17. Natalia Sims

    A Cleaning Technician arrived 10 min early and did a great job on my carpets cleaning. He was fast, efficient and qualified. The price was extremely reasonable. Very happy with the whole process. And I no need to buy new carpets thanks to your company.

  18. Anonymous

    After reading the testimonials, I decided to ask my questions via their chat service at 5:33am. My questions were answered immediately by Kate or Katie, she asked for my zip code and then quoted me a price. I am going to have my queen sized mattress cleaned in a few weeks. Excellent customer service.

  19. Harrison Lee

    Company have offered fast and proffesional services. I wish they provide tile and grout cleaning as well.

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